Who Are We ?

Triloc Films is a worldwide distribution and production company based in Hollywood, California. Working closely with Indian film companies as well. we deliver high-quality movies embracing the unique vision of the independent filmmaker.
Triloc Films prides itself on its work ethic, flexibly, innovation and extensive experience. In addition to production and distribution, we provide directors, crew and casting to deliver high-quality entertainment globally.

Production Arrangements

Triloc Films has distribution centers in North America and India . For productions with a budget, we can scout potential locations and arrange to send a complete crew to your location, including principal and supporting cast members. To submit your project for our consideration, upload your pertinent information (budget, script, production schedule, and letters of intent from your crew

Film Financing

Our decision to invest in your project depends on your producer, director, and cast. We review each project to find the match between our investors and your production.

Distribution and Marketing

Your project should be commercially viable, with some ‘buzz’ present in the industry, including press coverage, reviews, interviews, awards, and film festival runs. Combined, this creates your film’s initial profile. If your film has no trailer, we can definitely help you. We will help your project for distribution and marketing. we will also design and launch a social media campaign to promote your film.

Submitting Your Film

Please tell us how far you are in production, your budget, a synopsis of your script or film project, and any promotional materials you have made (for example, trailers, stills, art work, or cast profiles). We accept scripts and partially funded films.


Triloc Films Studio is bringing together independent film producers, directors, financers and film studios to help and support many charities around the world. Part of the profits earned through media and entertainment will be donated to the poor world.