This is a great movie project,the movie script has been written by Rajan Luthra. The unique concept to bring the world together on to one platform. The message of this Movie is Oneness .Yes; this movie project will be one of the cause to make people think about Oneness. Mr. Luthra has come up with thisvision, When He was driving back to Los Angeles from San-Francisco via Hwy 1. The story of the movie is a manwho believes in all the religions and goodness of all living beings and a strong believer of “ONE GOD”.He realized through GODS calling, that the present need of the world is ONENESS, Unity peace and love. This is what everyone needed. Then he decided to given up all his businesses and buildan ONENESS PLATFORM in Hollywood where he can help the people of all over the world with their problems. The shooting of this movie is planned inAugust17th of this year. Release on Christmas 2016. Right now he is looking for production house, sponsors, Investors and a very good director.A huge amount of profit earned from this movie will go to non-profit called HELP FOUNDATIONS GROUP INC.