Hwy I to Oneness

Hwy I to Oneness


A man who believes in God discovers his true calling – to enlighten the individuals, corporate world, political world, wealthy world, religious world and spiritual world about ONENESS in the world. How important ONENESS it is, from a small family of four people, to the whole universe of billions of people living. We must see all of them as ONE FAMILY of the divine.
Hwy I to Oneness is an original screenplay by Rajan Luthra. It revolves around a hero’s quest to unite the world and enlighten the One inner self, so that One can become with One with everyone.
The Hwy 1 to Oneness movie project pledges to donate 50% of the profits to charitable organizations dedicated to COVID-19, homelessness, and child poverty around the world. Towards that end, our movie’s goal is to bring the world together as one.
This is a great movie project, written by Rajan Luthra. The movie is a unique concept is to bring the world together to the one platform. The message of this movie is Oneness. This movie project will be one of the causes to make people think about Oneness is important part of everyone’s life. Rajan found this vision when he was driving to Los Angeles from San Francisco on Hwy 1. The story of Hwy 1 to Oneness is a man who believes in all the religions and goodness of all living beings and a strong believer of “ONE GOD”. He realized through GOD’S calling, that the present need of the world is ONENESS, unity, peace and love. He decided to give up all his businesses and build ONENESS platforms around the world. These platforms will help the people, resolve their problems and resolve the big issues in political world, spiritual world, religious world, wealthy world and poor world.
This is unique project to bring everyone together as ONE.The shooting of this movie is planned to begin in late 2020.