We are a Hollywood based company that works with both the Hollywood and Bollywood film markets. Our main objective is to deliver high quality entertainment globally. We currently have a joint venture with various studios both foreign and domestic. In addition, to financing and sales/distribution, we can co-produce movies by providing fabulous directors, crew, casting directors and acting talent.

Creating a Film Profile :

It is Triloc’s responsibility as the makers of the film to look into the company with which we are making the deal. We will go over the plans and numbers, check to see if their research is any good, etc.

Movie Profile

Distributors generally look for some kind of “buzz” generated for a movie project before deciding to grant it a distribution deal. This buzz or hype is an industry term, which refers to chatter within the industry, the public, media and on the net about your project. There must be some interest within the industry for the film. People must be talking about it, it must be in the media..

Movie Website

For the Triloc films the first step to creating the marketing for any movie profile is to create a website. A website in the tradition of warcraft.com and warhammeronline.com where the back story of the film is told, with character biographies and picture graphics. The site will have elements of the story like the prophecy explained or other information that will enhance enjoyment of the film.

Press Junket

The second step in creating the profile is a media/press junket. This will be done with the help of a publicist, which will premiere or screen the film. Its an event we create for the entertainment media to gather at one place and watch the film for review At the press junket we create an opportunity to give away publicity shots (stills) and clips in all media formats. In addition, it is an opportunity to give interviews and release a full press kit.

Film Festivals & Meetings with Distributors

Touring the film festival circuit serves a dual purpose. First, it helps create an international profile for the film and second, it helps attract a distributor and more important is to begin to create international buzz in the markets we want the film to be distributed.Building good relationship with Distributors.We like to like to close deals for our clients. This is the main reason Triloc Films following the films festivals.


Assessing the Deal

In assessing the type of deal we enter into with the distribution company we will consider the following because they will have a direct bearing on the profitability of the film. In evaluating the film for distribution, the distribution company will consider its marketability, the demographic (usually genre dependent) and / or the project’s target audience. We will then develop a campaign to market the film to its audience.

Release Date & P&A Budget

Every film will have its own tailor-made distribution plan, which the distributor develops in consultation with the producers and/or studio. The most important strategic decisions a distributor makes are when and how to release a film in order to optimize its chances for maximum profit. Influencing the cost of the marketing campaign is how much money the company believes it can make from the project.

Positioning and Target Audience

It is Triloc’s responsibility as the makers of the film to look into the company with which we are making the deal. We will go over the plans and numbers, check to see if their research is any good, etc.

The Buzz & E-mail Campaign

The Buzz is our marketing strategy. The most cost effective way to market films are to get national radio and television personalities and entertainment columnists and bloggers to buy into the film. The key is to come up with a theme that makes the film relevant to everyone’s agenda (what’s trending). This way they talk about it on their shows and they write about it in their columns and all we have to do is be prepared with materials and interview to feed into the buzz.

Creating the Buzz

The first thing about creating a buzz are the materials. We must have material about the film readily available. When people ask “what?” or “who?” when they ‘google’, ‘tweet’ or make request for information, people to interview, picture of…, video clips…, it must effortlessly be available. A press junket, a website and a publicist. Recruiting personalities with a following to create a buzz even if we have to pay some is a tried and tested method of achieving this.